Meet Willis aka Will Feral!

Willis 1


It was over 7 years ago when we first saw Willis at the Oakland Animal Shelter. At 7 months old, Willis’ personality caught our eye. Purring out loud, pacing back and forth like a shark. For our family, it was all a new experience; seeing so many cats made it only harder to choose. We questioned why no one had picked him and if he would be a good companion. Workers at the shelter mentioned that he had many roommates who had been adopted. Yet he still remained. However, it was noted that he was an excellent roommate, but we still were unsure. Across from Willis was a younger orange/white cat named Fuzzball. Three out of our four family members wanted the younger kitten over Willis because of its age. Our oldest son wanted Willis and was very upset that Fuzzball was selected. After filling out all the paperwork, we were told that Fuzzball was unsuitable for children. It turned out that Fuzzball already had a history of biting. With a little bit of skepticism, we took a gamble with taking Willis in.

Willis 1

When we got home that day, we realized that we had made a fantastic choice and we were instantly in love with him. He was an indoor cat for 5 years, although we all knew he had the energy and curiosity of an outdoor cat. Eventually, after a few years, our family moved into a bigger home in Berkeley. Our new home provides what we call “Cat Haven”. With a nice front and backyard near a creek; Our cats, especially Willis, have a great place to play and explore. Willis, over this past year, has confidently made a name for himself among our neighborhood. He has impressed all with his lovable, clumsy personality. Willis has proven himself to be the perfect balance of a feral and family cat, even among other feral cats around our neighborhood. With this in mind, our family gave Willis an alter-ego, “Will Feral”. It has been quite a roller-coaster for Will Feral. With a small, humble beginning, he is a true success story.

Willis 3

Likes: hunting, outdoor adventure, snuggling, Trader Joes cat snacks, and playing

Dislikes: bananas, loud noises

Willis 2