Meet Tefnut!

Tefnut 1

Tefnut (Tef-newt) Sweet-Woods (we call her Teffy as well) was born in a litter in the Santa Cruz area. We were looking for a companion for our very active, intelligent, outspoken and mischievous Siamese male named Shu. Our family has long been fan of the Birman breed because of how familial and smart they are. When we saw the posting that Teffy was up for adoption as a tiny kitten, we immediately made the drive and tried not to get our hopes up. Luckily, she came home with us the same day.

Tefnut 2

Tefnut 3

Tefnut is fairly soft spoken and subtle. Her name is a reference to a female principle of wet air or moisture; the name is pre-dynastic Egyptian. She is not the biggest fan of vacuum cleaners, loud people and dogs. She really enjoys wrestling with Shu, bird watching and viewing science fiction shows such as Farscape. Tefnut is very loving to anyone her parents treat as family. She is also a health nut and will remind you to take your vitamins, exercise and rest if you are exhausted.

Tefnut 4