Meet Curtis!

Curtis 1

After a rough start, Curtis was scooped up by NorCal Boxer Rescue, and his new people (Bill and Lauren) met him one gray day in Roseville. One look at that face, and we were in love. Although Curtis was initially a little nervous around other dogs, he now loves going to Point Isabel and getting chased through the grass. (It’s even better when it’s been raining and he can get that white fur nice and muddy.) He even has a best friend and doggie mentor: Lucca, a lanky Vizsla who has taught him the joys of counter surfing.

Curtis 2

Curtis enjoys popping into all of Berkeley’s dog-friendly shops and getting treats, belly rubs, and napping on any soft surface he can find.

His favorite person in the whole wide world is Sphero, which isn’t so much a person as a glowing robotic ball. Mom and Dad are a close second.

Curtis 3

And yes, he has watched the Little Rascals and he thinks Petey is quite handsome.

Curtis 4