*Heroine in Fur*

We first met Bella in an animal shelter with plastic-capped claws and a medical note stating that she was under medical supervision due to her refusal to eat. To be honest, I would never have taken a second look at her if Cynthia, her soon-to-be mommy, hadn’t stood next to her cage for the majority of our visit to the shelter. The thing that surprised us most was the fact that as long as we stood near her cage, Bella continued to rub up against the cage wall closest to us before heading to her food dish to eat. We talked to her and stayed with her until she had finished eating.
Bella Puzzle
Shortly after, we inquired about the adoption policy for Bella and found that there was an artifical embargo on Bella specifically due to the medical staff’s concerns about her lack of an appetite. We looked at each other quizzically as we had just witnessed her eat an entire dish of food, and began a campaign of calling each day to check upon any updates to the adoption policy for Bella. As the week went on, we were informed that Bella was extremely popular as proved by other people inquiring about her via phone. Paranoid that the little kitty that seemed to just need love and attention from caring people would get taken away, we visited and called the shelter regularly.

We then received word that we could visit Bella and spend some time with her in a play room where we could decide if she was the kitty for us. With bated breath, I stepped into that room, knelt on the floor and awaited my destiny. Out she came and soooo many head-rubbies and head pushies occurred shortly afterwards.

Bella Yoga

Want to know a secret? I believe the many calls to the shelter about Bella were our very own calls.

Bella Smoosh On the outside, it looks like we saved Bella from that shelter. Saved her from loneliness. Saved her from a hard and untimely demise, perhaps? Honestly, she possesses one of the best and most pure souls that we have ever encountered in our short lives on this earth and she saves me personally on a daily basis.



Bella Sniff TankBella loves people and she shares her love with everyone and through the simplicity of her example, I am constantly reminded of my desire to be more like her.

Bella Stretch

Bella TankLikes:
Belly rubs!!!
Playing with string
Cardboard boxes
Her squeaky mouse
Paper bags
Taking naps with mommy and daddy
Watching birds



Bella Tank SleepDislikes:
Loud noises
When people leave
The Vacuum