Meet Birgit!
Birgit 2
I rescued her through Pug Pros when she was 6 years old. Supposedly she and a chihuahua were living across the street from a grade school and would bark at the kids (I totally blame the chihuahua!), so she was given up… Her original name was Princess Kissy Face, but we all know I don’t need anymore proof that I’m gay, so it was promptly changed to the more Scandinavian sounding Birgit.

Birgit 1
Birgit is very outgoing and loves everyone, but most especially big male dogs. She’s super animated and can go from coma to crackhead in about .5 seconds. She has a very sweet personality.

Birgit 3
Likes: Big Male Dog Butts, Cat Food, Spinning in Circles, Beauty Sleep

Birgit 6

Dislikes: Heat, Exercise, Fat-Shaming, Sharing

Birgit 5