Meet Mo!

Mo 2

Mo is a happy-go-lucky seven year old Golden Retriever who thinks the world is made up of friends and friends he hasn’t met yet. Though middle-aged by Golden standards, he is still a puppy at heart–he still has the “zoomies” around the house and yard on a regular basis, and is always inviting other dogs to play.

(When he plays with small dogs, he rolls over on his back, so they can feel like they are tough and ferocious.) He loves training for competitive odedience (a dog sprot that we train in the true Golden spirit, to have fun instead of being deadly serious.) Mo recently qualilfied as a therapy dog, and brings his Golden smiles to assisted living facilities in the area.

He also knows how to “read!” He can tell the difference between signs that say “sit,” down,” “come” and “stand” without other cues.

Mo 1