Dragon 1

A note from Dragon’s family:

I was through the other side of the tunnel when I heard a bird-like screeching in a forested area near a ravine. I hiked down to investigate. I lifted up branches and leaves and eventually found a screeching kitten, with the eyes only partially open. He was filthy and so hungry, obviously abandoned. I scooped him up (he fit in the palm of my hand) and immediately called my friend who fosters kittens. I was sitting on the kitchen floor bottle feeding this baby when my husband came home and said, “We have a new kitten!” He named him Dragon. After sleepless nights of bottle feeding Dragon every four hours, he gained strength and is now a big furry twelve-year-old handsome beast. He loves to attack our other cat Lola, shred important documents, sleep on a red hand-made blanket, eat dates, and snuggle. We are grateful to all of the staff at Campus Vet for keeping him healthy and happy!

Dragon 5

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