Meet Galileo!

Galileo 5

Galileo arrived in Berkeley by way of Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego.  In his earlier homes, he lived with several canine siblings – he finally moved here for an opportunity to rule the roost, which he strongly prefers!  He mostly spends his days drinking water out of the bathtub tap, napping near the radiator, and occasionally waking up to cheer for the Seattle Seahawks.  It’s a good life.

Galileo 2


–         Belly rubs

–         Being the #1 pet in the house

–         TREATS!

–         Burrowing into blankets, piles of laundry, etc. and sleeping for more   hours in a row than anyone can believe

Galileo 4


–         Vacuum cleaners

–         Car rides

–         Physical exertion

–         Drinking out of his water bowl

Galileo 3

Galileo 1