Bart is our empty-nester dog, so I’ll try not to go over the top here….

Bart 1

We got him from a breeder in San Jose when he was 2 1/2 yrs old. He was vastly overweight and oh so timid, but a diamond in the rough to be sure. For a while we called him “brother-from-another-planet” as he was a dog like no other we had known. Boy, do we love him now….so, on to Bart:

He loves carrots, red bell pepper, apples, oh apples.
He has had his stuffed bear for about 4-5 years—it gets stitched up from time to time but hasn’t been done in and I think that is because Bart is very very gentle with him… ah, it.
He loves a good game of chase, preferring to be the chased one.
He is much more a people dog than a dog-dog.
He likes to nibble at fingers and toes, and earlobes—the nibbles are very gentle; if the recipient starts to giggle, all the better.
He likes to curl around an article of clothing from one of us when we are not around.
He really stares a lot.
Could go on and on but I think space is limited.
We love Bart!

Bart 2