Nikko2Everybody loves a good comeback story. Our friend Nikko the Husky mix had a rough start in life luckily things turned around for him. Jing and Gary, his human companions, nurtured and loved this adorable pup until he became the handsome boy he is today. Our staff were unanimous in nominating Nikko as our March “critter.” Here’s his happy tale!

We’re so grateful that he’s turned out to be both such a healthy and
loving companion, particularly since when he was first rescued he was
37lbs and had chronic belly aches and a few non-stop vomiting
incidents that had us running to Campus Vet. Nikko now weighs in at a
‘husky’ 64lbs (we gotta lighten up on the treats!) and has grown from
being a punky, street dog with a rebellious attitude to well-behaved
and a somewhat mellow boy. He’s also super relaxed – during his first
thunder storm he fell asleep in what we now know is his favorite
position – upside down, dead-bug pose.

Nikko1Likes: the kids in the neighborhood, pig ears, running away from dad
(towards mom) when getting ready to be taken on a walk, audibly
passing gas, other dogs’ balls, pack walks with friends, tiny sticks,
squirreling and shedding.

Dislikes: the home alarm system