LeviheadshotFebruary is the month we celebrate St Valentine  and in that spirit,  we decided to feature one of our favorite crushes here at Campus Veterinary Clinic. Meet the wire haired charmer Levi. We think he’s the bee’s knees and his human companions Zach and Allie agree with us! They were kind enough to share us his story.

Levi is originally from Texas, but came into our lives in Minnesota around the age of 4 ½, when being fostered by one of our good friends.  We met Levi on a canoe trip during a stop at a popular beach, and it was immediately obvious that he was meant to join our family.

Levi has been described as an “old soul with a young heart,” given his soulful stare and boundless energy.  He is contented cuddling up with us on the couch, but when the leash comes out for a walk or run he gets so excited that he can’t resist telling us about it.

We like to say that Levi keeps us fit, because he starts getting fidgety if he goes more than a day or two without getting out for a run.  He is a trail dog, and has run up to 15 miles with us on a good day!

naughtyleviLikes: Going out for a run, a fierce game of tug-of-war, chewing on rawhides, snoring for attention when bored, spitting out the first bite of his kibble onto the floor at every meal.

Dislikes: Bathtime, being left home when his parents go for bike rides, TV watching, Xbox playing.

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