When we first met Olive she was in bad shape. The City of Berkeley’s Animal Care Services (BACS) brought Olive into our clinic after she was found injured on the side of road, most likely from being hit by a car.

Olive the Office Kitty

Her back was broken and she wasn’t expected to live.

After receiving a few weeks’ worth of hospitalization, Olive began to turn it around. Her back fully healed, she gained some healthy weight and her sweet tempered disposition began to reveal itself.

Campus Veterinary Clinic has provided a round of vaccinations. She’s had blood work tested and has been cleared of any signs of leukemia or FIV. We estimate her to be about 7 years old. She’s spayed, spry and looking for someone to love her unconditionally.

Currently, Olive’s home is with us at the Clinic. She’s taken a special liking to the warm space behind Dr. Reid’s computer monitor or in the “To Be Filed” basket near the front desk. She also does an excellent job of keeping Dr. Reid’s desk chair warm while she’s visiting with other animals.

Olive is available for adoption through Campus Veterinary Clinic. If you’re interested in changing this sweet little life, call us at 510.549.1252 or pop in for a visit and introduce yourself  to Olive the Office Kitty.

Olive the Office Kitty 4

Olive the Office Kitty 5

Olive the Office Kitty 2

Olive the Office Kitty 3