Max O'Hanrahan

We’re kicking off the New Year with a handsome critter by the name of Max. Although Max is a low-key dude that doesn’t like a lot of fuss, he graciously accepted our nomination this month.

Max’s story begins in Philadelphia, where his companion Brigid first met him at a shelter when he was just a little black ball of fluff. Brigid picked him up and when he purred in her arms she melted. It was a sign that this friendship was meant to be.

Max helps Brigid with her metalwork.

Max likes his life drama-free and so opts to be an indoor kitty. For amusement Brigid will throw him bunched up pieces of scratch paper to chase and occasionally he will bat them back to her. Max is also partial to grooming sessions and has a particular chair he sits in when getting pampered with a hairbrush treatment.

Likes: cheese, dried liver, ear massage

Dislikes: the outdoors, vacuums, citrus scents