lilyinstagramOur critter for this “spooky” month of October is Miss Lilly. She is one of our most refined and classy patients and we are delighted to feature her this month. Her companion Lisa shares her story.

Lilly came into my life six years ago. When I saw her at the Oakland shelter her bright blue eyes beguiled me and I fell in love. She and her brown tabby sister Milly came home with me that very day.

Initially Lilly was kind of a wild child. I was amazed at the heights she scaled and the havoc she caused in my little house. I would hear her and Milly tear around at night and wonder if I’d accidentally adopted a pair of monkeys!

Lilly has matured into an elegant lady and it is hard to recall her reckless youth. She has displayed some tendencies towards wanderlust and loves to promenade down the block socializing with the neighbors. She is in the habit of throwing herself to the ground and wiggling around on her back until the human relents and gives her some attention. She is not particular and will say hello to just about anyone.

kittenonshoulderLilly loves this time of year because it means the fireplace is back in use and most evenings you will find her splayed out in front of it in a state of bliss.  She likes to talk a lot and my boyfriend and I have full on conversations with her.

She’s a doll and we wouldn’t have her any other way.

Likes: Fireplaces, conversation and canteloupe.

Dislikes: Leaf blowers, static electricity and empty food bowls.