blue1The month of July brings not only BBQs, fireworks and sunny days. July brings us our latest Critter of the Month, Blue. We are so happy to share one of our favorite canine friends with you. Adored by doctors and technicians alike, this adorable pooch is always a delight to see coming through our doors. Her companion Alisha tells us more:

blue3“Blue was just a baby, about one, when found on the street in Stockton by a local that had and incredible compassion for the pit bull breed. She picked up the little girl and took her to the vet. In Stockton the local pound isn’t always the best place for a pit bull to be, so she boarded Blue in her own home for six months and diligently posted signs sharing that she had found a little one that required a good home. I saw the posting and we have been inseparable ever since.

She will greet us at the house with a welcome home shoe, leash or couch pillow…something to let you know you’ve been missed. Blue is the one at the party that makes sure everybody feels welcome and comfortable just as they are. If you love pits, she’ll cozy up to you and act as if you’re life long friends. If you have reservations about dogs, she goes belly-up and asks for love until you fall under her sweet little spell.

She has been an absolute blessing in our lives. Blue accepts everyone just as they are and offers unconditional love. Each day she teaches those around her that love is love.”

Likes: waking up to the sun, talking to us in the morning, lying in a cool patch of dirt on a warm day.

Dislikes: Fireworks, rain.


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