Cat Carved in Jack-O'-LanternIt’s the time of year when things get spooky: Candy bowls start appearing and grown ups can be seen in unusual apparel. Halloween is a holiday we can all enjoy, even our animals! As we get ready for the All Hallow’s Eve festivities, there are a number of things we can do to ensure our pets are protected from harm.

First and foremost, keep all candies, chocolates and treats out of reach of your pets. Chocolate is highly toxic to dogs and potentially lethal. Additionally, candy wrappers can be accidentally ingested and can cause obstructions in the gastrointestinal tract.

Decorations are fun, but can become unintended chew toys. Once again, decorations can be toxic and cause GI upset. The cords from decorative strings of lighting may even result in electric shock.

While we may get a kick out of seeing our pets dressed in a costume, it’s not always in their best interests. Make sure your costumed-pets are: 1) Not stressed by their outfits; 2) Able to see without any face/eye obstructions; and 3) able to breath normally.

When trick-or-treaters make their rounds, the door bell is apt to ring frequently and this can get dogs and cats a little riled up and upset. If you are able to, it would be a good idea to have them stay in an area of the house that is relatively quiet.

Tags and identification are always recommended in the event your pet gets loose or lost during the holiday. We also encourage microchips for your pets, so that they can be reunited with you.

Halloween comes but once a year, so make sure it’s safe and fun for all!