Lupe the dog with flowersOur fine looking critter this month is none other than the lovely Lupe. This sweet and gentle dog is always a delight to be around. She is well loved by those around her and we are pleased she is part of our clinic’s practice.

Her companion Laura was kind enough to share her story:

“Lupe was initially a foster dog from Hopalong. Our previous shepherd Ziggy had passed a year earlier, and we were finally ready to be with another dog.

When we saw Lupe run for the first time, we couldn’t believe it – she pranced and frolicked like no dog I ever saw before. Seeing her run, we realized immediately that she looked exactly like this image of a shepherd on a card we had received from a friend after Ziggy’s death—it was an image of a shepherd with a really bushy tail frolicking through a field. That’s when I knew it was meant to be.”

Lupe with the treeLikes: her housemate Smokey the cat, chihuahua friends Robert and Claudia, hiking along the river, guarding the bird feeder from neighborhood squirrels, chewing on cow hooves, carrots, apples, hot dogs and most other dogs.

Dislikes: cheap dog treats, broccoli, errant plastic bags.