Alfie Holzman-WhiteThis month we are spotlighting one of the most handsome gents this clinic has ever seen. Alfie sports a sleek and shiny black coat while hypnotizing unsuspecting victims with his emerald eyes. His humans, Sarah and Matt, tell us about how they all met.

“We adopted Alfie about 5 years ago from Animal Care and Control in San Francisco. We chose him because he was very noisy and quite the meower and because he was BIG and we’ve always had big boy cats in the past. His shelter name was Brad Pitt, which was fitting because he’s so handsome, but we decided to call him Alfie instead.

Alfie the sophisticateHe has since settled right into our home. He sleeps at our feet every night, but is far from being a lap cat. He sits on our laps about 20 minutes a year. He comes inside exactly two hours before dinner-time every night to begin what we call “The Vigil.”

Alfie is quite the hunter. He loves catching large rodents and small birds and bringing them into the house (often alive!). He recently “survived” a one-month at-home-quarantine, as mandated by the City of Berkeley after he caught two bats in one week (even though he was fully vaccinated).

We don’t really know how old he is (our best guess is 8), but he still acts like a frisky kitten and shows no signs of slowing down! Although Alfie is the most independent and stereotypically aloof cat we’ve lived with (one of his 200 nicknames is “Aloofie”), he is our most favorite cat of all time and we love him dearly. He’s meowing at me as I write this, and his kitten-like plaintive mews (coming from an almost 17lb bruiser) melt my heart!”

Likes: hunting, Mexican food (he was found in SF’s Mission District and we like to think he liked to go dumpster diving outside Mexican restaurants in his stray cat days), independence.

Dislikes: Rain, the flute (meows when his human plays high notes), being stuck inside.