We get asked this question a lot at the clinic. It doesn’t seem that long ago pet insurance didn’t even exist. Today there are many different agencies that provide insurance coverage for pets. The options are overwhelming.

While we can’t tell you that pet insurance is the way to go it is certainly worth serious consideration. We have found that more and more of our clients are using pet insurance.

Our animals can incur hefty financial expense. Whether you opt for insurance or not, it’s important to be prepared for all eventualities. One night in the emergency clinic can set you back thousands of dollars. It’s not something we as pet owners like to think about, but it’s always a possibility. Through no fault of your own a dog or cat can get seriously ill or suffer traumatic injuries.

We don’t aim to scare you with what may or may not happen to your furry pals. We simply urge you to be as prepared financially as you can for what may or may not come. Take some time to research insurance companies. Ask your friends if they have insurance and what their experience is.

If insurance isn’t for you, perhaps keep some savings available for unseen unfortunate events! We hope you’ll never need to use it’s but better safe than sorry.