Bassett Hounds may be known as hunting dogs, but our friend Lucy Flint prefers a more sedate lifestyle. She has endeared our staff with her soulful gaze and polite demeanor. Her human Amy kindly shares with us the story of how Lucy joined their household.

“After 13 years with a very energetic yellow lab and 2 years pet-free, my husband and I decided we were ready for a low-energy four-legged friend. I started combing petfinder regularly for bassett hounds and one day came across a litter of the  cutest basset-beagle puppies you’ve ever seen!  I emailed right away and was told that all of the puppies had been spoken for but that the mother was a “complete angel”.   She had been found running around Hollister, California, well into what I assume was an unplanned pregnancy, and had been taken in by the Golden Empire Basset Rescue.  The foster mom just raved about her and had lots of pictures on her blog and soon enough we were in love.  We agreed that a puppy was probably more than we could take on at the moment, but an adult dog with a great personality would suit us well.  After all eight puppies were weaned and off to their new homes I drove down to Gilroy to pick up our newest family member – Lucille Desiree.   November 11th will be the one year anniversary of Lucy’s adoption and we have loved every minute of it!”

Likes: Mealtime (if we take too long preparing dinner her teeth start to chatter she’s so excited), sunbathing, belly rubs, waking us up for breakfast if we try to sleep in, short walks with lots of good smells.

Dislikes: Baths, sprinklers, delayed meals, our “no dogs on the couch unless invited” rule, long walks with a big hill at the end.

Read more about Lucy’s story here.

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