Mau MauOur good friend Mau Mau Rodevich has agreed to be our Campus Critter of the Month for August. Owners Kate and Michael share their home with this handsome and beguiling Bombay cat and were kind enough to share his story.

Michael tells us how this fellow came into their lives:

“Around 15 years ago we lost our old cat, and after 6 months of grieving were just feeling sadly cat-less. We bought cat books to ease the jones, but didn’t count on falling in love with any of the breeds — after all, we thought, one doesn’t buy purebreds. But Kate fell hard for the British Shorthair and I fell for the Bombay — a sleek satin-coated, coal-black, small, long-limbed, cuddly, sweet and playful cat — our MauMau. He’s 14 years old now and has a few grey hairs but he’s still a perfect Bombay boy.”

Likes:  Heat, sleeping under the covers at night (turns out he’s genetically hard-wired for this), Kate, grooming our other cat, lounging in the sun, turkey bacon and french fries (don’t worry, doc, he doesn’t get those anymore), cuddles and kisses, bird tv, sleeping, “mau-ing” at Kate very loudly nose-to-nose at his dinnertime

Dislikes:    Loud noises, earthquakes, cold, any cat food other than duck, the car, the vet’s office, lying on his back, taking his many medicines, being alone, the hawk that buzzes the deck, and the awful fate he’s had to endure of being an indoor-only cat

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