Kitten in treeAll year round our doctors treat animals that eat things they shouldn’t. The holiday season sees more of these cases than any other time of the year. Campus Veterinary Clinic thought now might be a good opportunity to let our clients know how to avoid these costly gastric mishaps.

A lot of us have family and friends that visit us this time of year. These well meaning visitors may be inclined to give your pets treats that aren’t always the best for your animal’s health. Make sure your dog or cat isn’t given table scraps or any other food that may be intended for human consumption. While we all enjoy yummy treats during the holidays we need to bear in mind that they may be toxic to our four-legged friends. Ensure that Christmas ornaments and other holiday decorations avoid becoming chew toys. Try to keep all of these potential hazards out of reach.

Campus Veterinary Clinic will be open till 3pm on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve but will be closed on both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. In the event that your pet ingests something toxic or needs any kind of urgent care we advise you contact either Pet Emergency Treatment Service or Berkeley Dog and Cat. Both of these facilities will provide medical services through the holidays.

Below are some educational resources about the dangers of chocolates, candies and other holiday-related items:

Chocolate Toxicity
Holiday Hazards
Safe Cookie Recipes for Canines

After Hours Facilities:

1048 10th Street, Berkeley
(510) 548-6684

Berkeley Dog & Cat
2126 Haste Street, Berkeley
(510) 848-5041

Have a happy and healthy holiday from all of us here at Campus Veterinary Clinic!