You’ve got questions…lead technician Eryn Robinson’s got answers.

Eryn performs toothbrushing
Technician Eryn brushes a cat's teeth

Why should I brush my pet’s teeth?

Dental health is directly related to your animal’s overall health. Unchecked, dental disease can impact more than your pet’s mouth. If cavities or gingivitis are allowed to progress, pathways can open for the associated bacteria to infect the body systemically. In severe cases, this bacteria can effect the heart, liver, kidneys and other major organs. At the very least it can cause bad breath, tooth loss, severe pain and inappetance.

By brushing your pet’s teeth, you may avoid costly dental cleanings and keep your pet healthier. Something as simple as brushing your pet’s teeth two to three times a week can stave off a very expensive dental procedure.

Eryn and the rest of the tech team are happy to instruct you on how best to approach at home dental hygiene. We offer free dental exams and tooth brushing demos at the clinic.

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