Every critter has a story, and one of the things we enjoy most about our work here at the clinic is the diversity of those stories. Our feline friend Canarsie has had many twists and turns in her life road. Her companion Judy was gracious enough to relate her “tale:” “Canarsie’s first human family moved away and left her to fend for herself, near the apartment complex in Hayward where my co-worker Pat lived (in Hayward). Pat put out food and water for Canarsie in the El Nino winter of 1997-98, but Canarsie remained wary of human contact. In the spring she started to comeRead More →

Our May Critter of the Month hails all the way from the Big Apple. Miss Ruby will charm your socks off and is a model patient when she comes to visit us here at the clinic. We thought she was a perfect choice this warm and sunny time of year. Her humans Erin and Scott were nice enough to oblige us with her story. “Three years ago, we lived in Manhattan and wanted to adopt a puppy. Unfortunately, our building only allowed dogs under 25 lbs, and small dogs are in high demand in New York City. We tried every shelter and rescue group, butRead More →

This week SF Gate reported the publishing of a new book called “Awkward Family Pet Photos.” There are certainly some gems in here that are worth your perusal. Our staff certainly enjoyed some of these choice shots. Click here to see what the book has to offer!Read More →