This month’s critter is quite the VIP around these parts. None of the staff here at the clinic can resist the charms of this handsome one-eyed West Highland terrier. Everybody stops what they’re doing to say hello when Casper comes into the clinic. I was happy when his companions agreed to share this canine charmer’s story. Owner Rick relays the tale below. “After having owned a wonderful Westie for 16 years I was hesitant to get another as I figured it would never live up to the goodness of my first one. But then in summer 2002 we were treated to a meeting with aRead More →

Every critter has a story, and one of the things we enjoy most about our work here at the clinic is the diversity of those stories. Our feline friend Canarsie has had many twists and turns in her life road. Her companion Judy was gracious enough to relate her “tale:” “Canarsie’s first human family moved away and left her to fend for herself, near the apartment complex in Hayward where my co-worker Pat lived (in Hayward). Pat put out food and water for Canarsie in the El Nino winter of 1997-98, but Canarsie remained wary of human contact. In the spring she started to comeRead More →

Recently Campus Veterinary Clinic lost one of it’s most beloved patients “Q” Harper. In his seven years of life, Q endeared himself not only to his owner Ken, but all of the doctors and staff here at the clinic. His hearty bark would often herald his arrival to the clinic and we all learnt to love it. Hiking was a passion both Ken and Q shared. Together they logged in many miles on The Pacific Crest Trail, Desolation Basin, South Warner and John Muir Wilderness areas to name a few. Snake, bears and all manner of weather never dimished Q’s love of the trail. Junior,Read More →

Kitty comeback If you are a client you may have spied a fluffy orange cat haunting our hallways. His name is Soldier and this four year old tabby first came to us in a much sadder incarnation. A couple of years ago Berkeley Animal Control asked Dr Yen to treat a cat with a serious wound on his side. Our clinic sees shelter animals quite often for medical issues.  As B.A.C. had described, the wound was indeed serious. Soldier’s injuries showed signs of infection and he’d had them for some time. Additionally, he was found to be FIV positive (learn about FIV here). The futureRead More →