Our good friend Mau Mau Rodevich has agreed to be our Campus Critter of the Month for August. Owners Kate and Michael share their home with this handsome and beguiling Bombay cat and were kind enough to share his story. Michael tells us how this fellow came into their lives: “Around 15 years ago we lost our old cat, and after 6 months of grieving were just feeling sadly cat-less. We bought cat books to ease the jones, but didn’t count on falling in love with any of the breeds — after all, we thought, one doesn’t buy purebreds. But Kate fell hard for theRead More →

This month’s choice of “critter,” was a no-brainer in our opinion. “Sparky” Ward is a pint-sized ball of charisma . A regular visitor to our front desk (for cookies!), the staff are always cheered by his positive energy. Owners Drew and Jim offered to tell us more about Sparky’s background. Drew tells the story: “We had considered getting a dog for quite a while, and I checked out the web page for the Humane Society in Vallejo. There was a little, thin, bright-eyed puppy with enormous ears. Love at first sight. He had been found wandering the streets at two months old. We took himRead More →

For charm and joie de vivre, look no further than our feline friend Richter Devries. Owner Heidi has been so kind as to share with us his story and what makes him tick. “I had just lost my previous kitty to Fatty Liver Disease, and I went to the shelter to look for a new friend.  I asked the assistant to tell me who was the cat there that no one else wanted, and she pointed at a giant fat tabby.  He and his brother had come into the shelter together after their previous owner had died.  Someone had adopted both of them together…but thenRead More →

For those who have a sweet tooth, there’s nothing that hits the spot better than a little Betsy Cupcake. This adorable English Bulldog makes friends wherever she goes. Her guardians  Joe and Traci found her through Virtual Pet Adoptions in December 2008. Betsy was definitely in need of some TLC. They found her suffering from depression, obesity and bad skin sores. Joe and Traci immediately administered a steady diet of love and pampering. All of that good care and attention has paid off. At the ripe old age of 11, Betsy Cupcake has a ton of pep in her step. According to her caretakers, sheRead More →

Sometimes good things come in big packages…130 pound packages to be exact. “Puck” Witalis is a 9 year-old Malamute and a proud Bay Area native. According to owner Deborah, Puck was born one of eight puppies on the coldest morning of 2002. His mother was of AKC Canadian stock while his father was a local boy. Says Deborah, “Puck chose us by waddling across the deck and looking up with big brown eyes that seemed to say ‘I’m the one you’ve been waiting for’….so much for romance .” LIKES: his rubber rooster (see above), hiding things behind couch cushions, stealing toilet paper rolls, anything remotelyRead More →

We proudly present to you Miss “Trinket” Hurst. This 7lb canine charmer comes to us by way of Oakland. She is a Chihuahua mix that beguiles most anyone she meets. Despite her age, she is sprightly and and full of moxie. Her human (Karen) has been kind enough to share with us a little more about what makes this girl tick. Likes: Walks. Walks. More walks! Cat food. Lots of naps. Piles of blankets to sleep on. Dislikes: Being hugged too tightly (who doesn’t?). Having her paws touched. Being informed that her walk is over. Campus Veterinary Clinic is proud to have Trinket as aRead More →