Meet Franklin!

Franklin 3

Franklin is completely unafraid of humans, and at 14 years, he will still jump up on anyone’s shoulders to say hello. He’s as spry as ever. And he’s quite the intellectual! Try debating him sometime; you’re guaranteed to lose.

Franklin 1
Franklin 2

He’s a deeply loving and loyal guy, and sometimes we wonder if he isn’t just a little bit aware of how handsome he is.

Franklin 4

Meet Blizzard!
Blizzard 4
Blizzard, a 10 year-old white German Shepherd, has been a beloved member of the Sing-Eisen family since 2011. Sweet, calm, intelligent and perceptive, she is a natural “therapy dog.” Her personality is more that of a “Snowflake” than a snowstorm. Blizzard started her life as a houseboat pup in Oregon with a different name and owner. When her owner became ill and unable to care for her, she eventually was taken by German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California, where the Sing-Eisen family was fortunate enough to find and adopt her. She was depressed, overweight, and very arthritic at the time.

Blizzard 3With the help of Campus Vet’s care, she is now active (she ignores her creaky hips) and eager to participate in all her family’s adventures. She especially loves to be at the beach or near lakes and rivers — she’s a water gal. While the kids are at school, she enjoys sunbathing on the front porch and watching the world go by. Her nose has freckles from all the sun, but she despises sunscreen. She has a new younger buddy in the family, Mr. Toffee, who is a terrier mix. She and Mr. Toffee like to lounge in the front hall together during the day, “guarding” the front door — her shepherd instincts are strong. She becomes ecstatic when the Sing-Eisen kids (ages 9, 12, and 13) arrive home and immediately demands a long trek around the neighborhood or asks for a ride in the car.
Blizzard 1
Blizzard is a “talker” and has various howls that sometimes sound like a wolf. She also uses her head — either tossing it or using it to nudge — to communicate. When not outside having fun, she shadows the kids everywhere in the house and “herds” them if they start squabbling. The Sing-Eisens cannot imagine life without Blizzard!
Blizzard 2

Dragon 1

A note from Dragon’s family:

I was through the other side of the tunnel when I heard a bird-like screeching in a forested area near a ravine. I hiked down to investigate. I lifted up branches and leaves and eventually found a screeching kitten, with the eyes only partially open. He was filthy and so hungry, obviously abandoned. I scooped him up (he fit in the palm of my hand) and immediately called my friend who fosters kittens. I was sitting on the kitchen floor bottle feeding this baby when my husband came home and said, “We have a new kitten!” He named him Dragon. After sleepless nights of bottle feeding Dragon every four hours, he gained strength and is now a big furry twelve-year-old handsome beast. He loves to attack our other cat Lola, shred important documents, sleep on a red hand-made blanket, eat dates, and snuggle. We are grateful to all of the staff at Campus Vet for keeping him healthy and happy!

Dragon 5

Dragon 4

Dragon 3

Meet Galileo!

Galileo 5

Galileo arrived in Berkeley by way of Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego.  In his earlier homes, he lived with several canine siblings – he finally moved here for an opportunity to rule the roost, which he strongly prefers!  He mostly spends his days drinking water out of the bathtub tap, napping near the radiator, and occasionally waking up to cheer for the Seattle Seahawks.  It’s a good life.

Galileo 2


–         Belly rubs

–         Being the #1 pet in the house

–         TREATS!

–         Burrowing into blankets, piles of laundry, etc. and sleeping for more   hours in a row than anyone can believe

Galileo 4


–         Vacuum cleaners

–         Car rides

–         Physical exertion

–         Drinking out of his water bowl

Galileo 3

Galileo 1

Bart is our empty-nester dog, so I’ll try not to go over the top here….

Bart 1

We got him from a breeder in San Jose when he was 2 1/2 yrs old. He was vastly overweight and oh so timid, but a diamond in the rough to be sure. For a while we called him “brother-from-another-planet” as he was a dog like no other we had known. Boy, do we love him now….so, on to Bart:

He loves carrots, red bell pepper, apples, oh apples.
He has had his stuffed bear for about 4-5 years—it gets stitched up from time to time but hasn’t been done in and I think that is because Bart is very very gentle with him… ah, it.
He loves a good game of chase, preferring to be the chased one.
He is much more a people dog than a dog-dog.
He likes to nibble at fingers and toes, and earlobes—the nibbles are very gentle; if the recipient starts to giggle, all the better.
He likes to curl around an article of clothing from one of us when we are not around.
He really stares a lot.
Could go on and on but I think space is limited.
We love Bart!

Bart 2

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