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May June 2016 Newsletter

Meet Rusty!


A note from his mum:

I met Rusty at a small pet store near my house while I was buying food for our animals; at the time I also had a hamster and my mum had a rabbit. I spotted him in a cage with some of his siblings. The main thing I remember is he was the smallest and seemed to be the one that was left out. I asked to hold him and once I did I knew he was coming home with me. I met him on Wednesday and he came home on Friday. My favorite thing about my little guy is how much he loves to run. He is my buddy and I love him a lot. I might have “mom goggles” on with him but it doesn’t matter he’s perfect in my eyes.
Rusty 3Nova
Rusty BowRusty 4

Meet Odin!

Odin 2

I adopted Odin (AKA the Buddiest Buddy that ever Buddied) as a kitten from the Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue in Mill Valley. Odin stole my heart when he was the only one, among his brothers and sisters, that kept coming back to play and cuddle up with me. We had a special connection from that very first meeting and I’ve grown more and more in love with him with each passing year. Odin is very communicative, curious, courageous, cuddly, and incredibly loving. He is my furry four-legged soul mate, my heart, and my inspiration.

Odin 3

Odin can’t get enough of: napping on pillows and soft blankets, communicating his wants and needs, flopping on his back for pets, sneaking under the blankets in the middle of the night, devouring tuna and any kind of jerky, crunching on hard food, drinking from faucets, gnawing on pens, chewing on plants, warming himself up near any kind of heat source, chasing his sister Loki, attacking plastic bags, playing with his tail, doing his water dance before drinking water, doing his wee wee dance of kneading and kicking, jumping in and out of boxes, soaking up hot shower steam, digging and hanging out in drawers, cuddling in warm laps, giving kisses, and being cared for by all his new friends at Campus Vet!

Odin 4

Odin could do without: intrusions on his nap time, noisy garbage trucks, disorienting windy days and nights, scary vacuum cleaners, and having to eat his bland kidney wet food.

Odin 1

Checking and Removing Ticks from Your Pets

After a satisfying session outside with your four-legged friend, the first thing you should do is look for ticks. These pesky insects love to hide in long grass where your pooch may pick them up while playing fetching or follow and especially intriguing scent.

Ticks can carry a wide array of diseases, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. These diseases can be every bit as devastating for canines as they are for humans, so it’s worth taking a few extra minutes to thoroughly check your pet. Ideally, these checks should take place whenever your dog spends time outside.

Anti-Tick Products:

Preventic Collars (dogs only) are worn around the neck tightly enough to contact the skin and so your dog cannot remove it. Activity against ticks starts within 24 hours and continues as long as the collar is worn (up to 90 days). Ticks present in the dog’s environment that may reappear on the dog will not attach and will be killed in less than 24 hours. Available at Campus Veterinary Clinic.

Nexgard Chewables (dogs only) are an oral chew given once a month for the treatment and prevention of fleas, and the treatment and control of Black-legged tick, American Dog tick, Lone Star tick, and Brown dog tick. Available at Campus Veterinary Clinic with a prescription.

Seresto Collars (dogs and cats) are worn around the neck and provide up to 8 months of flea and tick prevention. Available at online pharmacies.



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