Meet Bella! Bella is my wonderful little girl. I got her when she was about 3 months old. I was at a friend’s house who had just gotten a puppy. She was so cute. I wanted to steal her. At that point, my friend told me that her sister was in need of a home. He made a call and 15 minutes later, this cute little chocolate Miniature Pincher was at the door. It took about a minute for her to worm her way into my heart. I took her home that night. She is the Alpha dog in our pack. Bella loves to snuggle and curl up under the blankets. Her favorite outings are camping, the beach, andRead More →

We are super excited to introduce our new owner and veterinarian to Campus Veterinary Clinic! Dr. Patrick Pierson draws on his deep experience in small animal medicine to provide exceptional preventative and surgical care for his clients. Originally from Paris, Dr. Pierson earned his doctorate in veterinary medicine from Ross University. Since graduating he has focused on dogs, cats, pocket pets and rabbits, with a special interest in dentistry, soft-tissue surgery and internal medicine. Dr. Pierson enjoys playing soccer, gardening and traveling – especially to visit family and friends in France. He lives in Berkeley with his wife, daughter, a three-legged dog, and two cats.Read More →

Meet Willis aka Will Feral!   It was over 7 years ago when we first saw Willis at the Oakland Animal Shelter. At 7 months old, Willis’ personality caught our eye. Purring out loud, pacing back and forth like a shark. For our family, it was all a new experience; seeing so many cats made it only harder to choose. We questioned why no one had picked him and if he would be a good companion. Workers at the shelter mentioned that he had many roommates who had been adopted. Yet he still remained. However, it was noted that he was an excellent roommate, butRead More →

Meet Beezus! We adopted Beezus from Milo Foundation in September of 2010. She was originally named, “Chelsea the Survivor”. A litter of puppies was dumped on the road and Beezus was the only one who survived. We rescued her and she rescued us! Likes: Chewing, pack walks, bed hogging, peanut butter, all her friends at Campus Vet, sunbathing, tug o’ war Dislikes: Baths, squirrels, raccoons, UPS trucks, tape measures, stickers on fruits.Read More →

Meet Tefnut! Tefnut (Tef-newt) Sweet-Woods (we call her Teffy as well) was born in a litter in the Santa Cruz area. We were looking for a companion for our very active, intelligent, outspoken and mischievous Siamese male named Shu. Our family has long been fan of the Birman breed because of how familial and smart they are. When we saw the posting that Teffy was up for adoption as a tiny kitten, we immediately made the drive and tried not to get our hopes up. Luckily, she came home with us the same day. Tefnut is fairly soft spoken and subtle. Her name is aRead More →